Strategic Games beyond Expected Utility,” with Klaus Ritzberger, Economic Theory, 48 (2-3), 2011.

Under Review:
The Strategic Decentralization of Recruiting,” with Yi Chen. (Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Economic Theory)
Self-reported Signaling,” with Michael Waldman (Reject & Resubmit at AEJ: Microeconomics).
The Organization of Innovation: Incomplete Contracts and the Outsourcing Decision,” with Sean Nicholson, June Pan and Michael Waldman.
Strategic Wage Posting with Fixed Quotas.
Vertical Differentiation, Branding, and Product Confusion,” with Sherif Nasser.
Branding Vertical Product Line Extensions,” with Christian Schmid.

Work in Progress:
Referral Behavior when Matching is Important,” with Mark Satterthwaite.
Online Advertising, Data Sharing, and Consumer Control,” with Justin Johnson and Marcel Preuss.
Secrecy, Eavesdropping, and Innovation,” with Yi Chen and Jorge Lemus.
“Poaching, Raids, and Managerial Compensation,” with Yi Chen, Vitor Costa and Fabian Lange.
“Incomplete Contracting and Economic Depreciation,” with Christian Schmid and Michael Waldman.