Strategic games beyond Expected Utility,” with Klaus Ritzberger, Economic Theory, 48 (2-3), 2011.

Under Review:

Strategic Bidding with Quotas.
Branding Vertically Differentiated Product Lines: Branded House vs. House of Brands,” with Sherif Nasser.
Branding Vertical Product Line Extensions,” with Christian Schmid.

Working Papers:

Self-Reported Signaling,” with Michael Waldman.
The Organization of Innovation: Theory and Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry,” with June Pan, Sean Nicholson and Michael Waldman.
Monopsony vs. Commitment Power: Strategic Delegation in the Labor Market,” with Yi Chen.

Work in Progress:

Referral Behavior when Matching is Important,” with Mark Satterthwaite.
A Theory of Outsourcing,” with Michael Waldman.
Competitive Re-Targeting,” with Justin Johnson and Marcel Preuss.
Shark Tank: A Tale of Signaling and Deception,” with Christian Schmid.